What’s The Best Oil To Cook With?

Recently, I was asked: what’s the best oil to cook with?

One would think any oil suffices for cooking. That’s SO not the case.

Non-processed and organic saturated fats (the kind that are solid or semi-solid at room temperature) are typically the best for cooking at high temperatures, as they will not go rancid nor oxidize.

You see when an oil goes rancid or oxidizes, it produces free radicals. Free radicals are the ANTI anti-oxidant. Where anti-oxidants help prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and heart disease. Free radicals–the ANTI anti-oxidants– actually cause premature aging and diseases.

When cooking at high temps or with a high flame you should use a good, hearty saturated oil or fat that will remain stable when being heated and not produce any free radicals. Such fats are butter (yes butter–good organic butter, preferably from grass-fed cows, is actually healthy for you), coconut oil, sesame oil or ghee. (Read more about fats, oils and the myths about cholesterol here ; it’s a long and somewhat boring article, but it’s definitely educational.)

When using a low flame, or baking– monounsaturated cold- pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil is a good choice. Olive oil will go rancid and create free radicals at high temperatures (or with a high flame). A good general rule of thumb: if you’re cooking with MORE than a medium flame on the stove-top: DON’T use olive oil. Use organic coconut or sesame oil, butter or ghee instead.

I’ve made this little, easy cheat sheet for you to look at so you can know what to cook with when.

• Eggs: when pan-frying eggs, use organic butter, ghee or coconut oil to cook. *DO NOT use olive oil to cook eggs.
• Chicken: grill, bake or cook on the stove-top. Use organic butter, ghee, coconut oil or olive oil (when baking or using a low flame on the stove-top) to cook.
• Fish: broil, steam or grill. Use organic butter,ghee, olive or coconut oil to cook.
• Meat: pan-sear, grill or broil. Use organic butter, ghee or coconut oil to cook. *DO NOT use olive oil to cook meat.

Heres another tidbit for your cheat sheet… when buying oils, its important that you only purchase oils that have these three terms on the label: cold-pressed, organic and extra virgin. This ensures that the process at which the oil was made for you did not use harsh chemicals (like hexane) nor high heat (which robs the oils of their naturally occuring nutrients).

Did you notice that canola oil wasn’t mentioned at all? That’s because canola oil is so refined and chemically processed that it really isn’t that healthy for us– and, why use it when we have other options to choose from. I personally wouldn’t recommend cooking with it, ever. For more information, read this article.

This should go without saying, but avoid at all costs cooking with any of the following commercial vegetable oils: cotton seed oil, soy oil, corn oil, canola oil, hemp oil and grapeseed oil; all margarines, spreads and partially hydrogenated vegetable shortenings. They’re over processed, offer us zilch for nutrition and are just gross.

Happy cooking!


Marriott to stay in Bethesda, build downtown headquarters and hotel

Montgomery County hasn’t attracted a single major corporation in nearly two decades, but at least the latest one threatening to depart has decided to stay. Marriott President and CEO Arne Sorenson announced this morning that the company has decided to relocate, but only from its Fernwood Road site into downtown Bethesda.

A site search is underway for 700,000 SF of office space, and also a 200+ room Marriott-branded hotel. According to the official announcement, negotiations are underway on several sites in downtown Bethesda, and the final choice is expected to be announced in the first half of 2017.

It’s worth noting that if anything falls through, Marriott explicitly notes in the release that it could still relocate to another jurisdiction. That pointedly includes “support from the State and County.”

The most logical sites, in my opinion, would be the Brookfield site on the Metro Center plaza, or Carr Properties’ major redevelopment of the Apex Building property. Having said that, the Metro site is right up against the Hyatt, and the Apex plan would have to be significantly revised. Maybe one of our resident real estate experts can weigh in as to other potential properties that could fit these requirements.

In any case, this is great news indeed for Bethesda. All indications are that Gov. Larry Hogan’s behind-the-scenes role has been critical to keeping this major corporation in a County whose elected officials have strongly anti-business voting records and policies. County Executive Ike Leggett credited Hogan in his official statement on the Marriott move.

“Marriott is a world-class company with deep roots in our state, and their decision to continue growing their business right here in Maryland is tremendous news,” Hogan said in a statement. “For over 60 years they have been a vital member of our business community, employing thousands of Marylanders, and making a real and lasting positive impact on our state’s economy.”


Sex offense reported at DoubleTree, burglary on Tomlinson Terrace + more – Bethesda crime update

Here’s a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on October 9, according to crime data:

“Other sexual offense.” DoubleTree Bethesda hotel.

Drug arrest. 5600 block Wilson Lane.

Burglary. 6700 block Tomlinson Terrace at 1:00 AM.

Theft from vehicle. 5600 block Greentree Road.

Hit and run accident/property damage. 9900 block Mayfield Drive.

Hit and run accident/property damage. 12000 block Rockville Pike.

Theft. 600 block Muriel Street (Pike District).


Assault on Willard Ave., drug bust on Lynbrook Dr. + more – Bethesda crime update

Here’s a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on October 3, according to crime data:

Theft. 7600 block Old Georgetown Road.

Theft from vehicle. 7400 block Arlington Road.

Drug arrest. Lynbrook Drive at Jones Bridge Road.

Assault. 4400 block Willard Avenue.

Theft. 5300 block Western Avenue.

Assault. 11700 block Old Georgetown Road.

Theft from vehicle. 5900 block Montrose Road.

Theft. 5700 block Bou Avenue (Pike District).


Burglary at The Jewelry Exchange, vehicle broken into on Rayburn Rd. + more – Bethesda crime update

Around 2:25 AM Tuesday morning, a bold team of burglars crashed a stolen car into the showroom of the Jewelry Exchange on Old Georgetown Road. Grabbing whatever they could quickly, they fled in a second getaway car. Here’s a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on September 27, according to crime data:

Burglary. The Jewelry Exchange.

Vehicle burglary. 4800 block Hampden Lane.

Theft from vehicle. 4400 block East-West Highway.

DUI arrest. 6000 block Connecticut Avenue.

Vehicle burglary. 8500 block Rayburn Road.

Theft. 6100 block Stardust Lane.

Theft. 7800 block Scotland Drive.

Theft from vehicle. 11700 block Old Georgetown Road.


Car stolen at Walter Reed, assault in East-West Hwy. apartment + more – Bethesda crime update

Here’s a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on September 21, according to crime data:

Assault. 4500 block East-West Highway, inside an “apartment/condo.”

Burglary, vandalism, theft from vehicle. 7900 block Lynbrook Drive.

Stolen car. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Drug arrest. Connecticut Avenue at Manor Road.

Theft from vehicle. 7600 block Marbury Road.

Burglary. 9900 block Derbyshire Lane.

Theft. 10300 block Grosvenor Place.

Hit and run accident/property damage. 7900 block Tuckerman Lane.

Theft from vehicle. 6700 block Rockledge Drive.

Theft. 11300 block Rockville Pike.

Theft. 5700 block Bou Avenue (Pike District).


Just the Right Dose – Helping people understand their prescription drugs – Prescription drugs are an important part of life for millions of people. Some drugs are literally lifesaving, while others make life more comfortable. But these medications have become so commonplace and easily available that they might not be taken as seriously as they should be. And that is very dangerous.

When I began working as a nurse, I was often surprised at how little some of my patients knew about their prescription drugs. When taking a nursing history (an intake interview of sorts), we would ask about what drugs the patients took at home, how they took them, and so on. So many patients would say something like, “oh, I take that little white pill for my diabetes – well, just a half of one really because I don’t need to take the full one all the time.” Other patients would bring in their medicine bottles, but with several prescriptions in one bottle, all mixed up. Sometimes, I would be handed bottles of expired drugs. I was even told a few times to “look at my records,” when I asked about prescriptions.

It wasn’t unusual for some of my patients to be there because they had not taken their drugs properly. Often, it was that they didn’t take their medications as frequently as they should have, but others took too many pills or didn’t follow the instructions. Some combined medicines that shouldn’t have been combined, others took pills on an empty stomach rather than with food, causing damage. The stories were endless.

Why did so many people not know anything about their pills? Some of it goes back to “doctor knows best,” and not feeling they needed to question their prescriptions. And I believe that part of it goes back to just not realizing how important this information and knowledge is.

Last month, I wrote a blog post about prescription drug use in North America and the errors that occur because patients don’t understand their medicines properly (Over 200 Billion Dollars For Prescription Meds in U.S. Alone). I found that information as I was doing research for my new book, Just the Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely.

The book, now available at Amazon and Kobo, covers topics such as how to read a prescription (What do those abbreviations really mean?), how to take or give medicines – including tips for people who have trouble swallowing pills, why certain pills should never be broken or crushed, why over-the-counter drugs should be used as carefully as prescription drugs, and more.

Who should read this book? Anyone who takes prescription drugs and anyone who gives them to someone else – such as a parent who has to give medicines to a child, or a family caregiver, looking after a parent or sibling.

To learn more about the book please visit You can also go directly to Amazon or Kobo to purchase it.


How I Make My Homemade Bone Broth

It was time to make some bone broth again.  So, I figured I’d make a video for you on how I do it. This way you can have my step-by-step instructions when you are ready to make yours.

I love bone broth for a million reasons- and everyone in my family drinks it, including the baby.  It’s an all-mighty health elixir that I recommend you consume 4 ounces of a few times each week. It will help improve digestion, boost your immune system, amp up collagen production in your skin, help you sleep better, balance your hormones and bring you back to health after a bad cold.   
How I make it at home is a little different than how some of the recipes tell you to do it.  I actually keep mine as a chicken soup instead of separating out the broth.  It’s just easier that way for my life.
Have a fantastic day!!

Pedestrian struck on Fernwood Rd., vehicle burglarized in Kenwood + more – Bethesda crime update

Here’s a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on September 15, according to crime data:

Theft. 7600 block Old Georgetown Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5300 block Woodlawn Avenue (Kenwood).

Drug arrest. 7100 block Whittier Boulevard.

Theft. 7100 block Democracy Boulevard.

Pedestrian struck. 10400 block Fernwood Road.

Theft from vehicle. 11300 block Woodglen Drive.



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obat Potenzol asli merupakan zat yang aman digunakan untuk wanita dan bereaksi sangat cepat (sekitar 5 hingga 10 menit) dan setelah zat obat perangsang wanita Potenzol bekerja maka selanjutnya terserah Anda

Seputar Tentang Kehebatan Potenzol Asli

Sejak awal kehadirannya Potenzol memiliki fakta-fakta unik sebagai berikut :

  • Potenzol asli obat perangsang wanita ini seringkali digunakan pada produksi film porno di dunia, banyak artis-artis porno wanita yang diberikan zat perangsang sejenis Potenzol sebelum shooting, sehingga saat shooting berjalan, mood wanita tersebut akan terjaga dan akan cenderung lebih aktif dan buas saat berhubungan intim dengan lawan mainnya.
  • Potenzol asli berbentuk cair dan tidak berwarna, tidak berasa, dan tidak berbau sehingga tidak akan terdeteksi saat diminum.
  • Potenzol asli aman digunakan untuk wanita dan tanpa efek samping.
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  • Potenzol asli berguna untuk keharmonisan rumah tangga dan untuk meningkatkan libido sang istri yang sedang menurun atau tidak bergairah.
  • Potenzol asli bahkan dicari oleh kaum hawa/wanita yang berinisiatif untuk merangsang dirinya sendiri yang bertujuan agar lebih bersemangat dalam berhubungan seks sehingga lebih memuaskan pasangannya saat berhubungan seks.
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Cara Pemakaian Perangsang Cair Potenzol

Silahkan kocok dulu botol perangsangnya,setelah itu campurkan 1/4 botol potenzol cair asli kedalam 1 gelas minuman juice atau teh manis.

Ditoko online Produk Potenzol Palsu biasanya potenzol di campur dengan air yang bersoda,tetapi potenzol asli dari kami lebih praktis cara penggunaannya untuk diberikan kepada pasangan anda.

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silahkan anda berikan minuman tersebut kepada pasangan yang kurang gairah atau frigid tersebut, diamkan dan biarkan obat potenzol ini bekerja selama 5-10menit.

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  1. Meningkatkan keseimbangan Estrogen dan Progesteron.
  2. Meningkatkan gairah sexual / libido.
  3. Mencegah & mengatasi menopouse (Vagina kering & panas tiba-tiba).
  4. Mempermudah pencapaian orgasme.
  5. mengatasi prementruasi.

Catatan Penggunaan Potenzol:

  • Gunakan Potenzol dengan bijak, gunakan untuk pasangan Anda dan bukan untuk perbuatan yang melanggar hukum!
  • Jangan dicampur dengan susu atau air kelapa karena bisa pudar efek zatnya.
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  • Jauhkan dari anak-anak.

Efek Potenzol Cair Asli

Setelah 5 – 10 menit wanita yang meminum Potenzol akan memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut :

  1. Suhu tubuh merasa tidak teratur, gerah / resah atau biasa disebut dengan “horny” atau “sange”
  2. Bicara tidak konsentrasi dan tidak fokus
  3. Duduk menjadi tidak tenang
  4. Jika Anda berada di dekat wanita tersebut maka wanita tersebut bisa langsung memeluk Anda dan selanjutnya terserah Anda.

Kunjungi Juga: Obat pembesar penis klg produk terbaru untuk memperbesar penis pria dan kesehatan seksual pria


kontak-kamiAtau Bisa Anda Kunjungi Web: www.ObatFrigid.Com